How To Earn Free Bitcoin by HTML, CSS, Javascript Skill

For many People, Buying large amounts of Bitcoin is not a Financially- Viable Investment strategy. But, If You have any online skill there are opportunities to earn Bitcoin. Today, In this Guide We will share about How to Earn free Bitcoin by Html, CSS, Javascript Coding language. These languages are critical for a foundation in Web development. Web developer Blogger and computer science Students have learned a coding language.

How to Earn Bitcoin by HTML,CSS, Javascript
HTML, CSS, Javascript is web development coding language. No provides any company work at home to earn bitcoins. Nevertheless, There are some best ways to earn Bitcoin by coding. We are showing you Below.

1. Blockchain Developer

You make Beginner Blockchain Application, Web, Dapp Developer through HTML, CSS, Javascript and allows developers to build application of lisk's Blockchain platform. There are various of way to earn Bitcoin by Blockchain Developer. Javascript Blockchain technology is used for various purposes. Whether,  you have learned this language, you can Build a lot of things in the blockchain.
You can Building Blocks, Blockchain Structure, Block object, Block Inputs, Block Data, Crypto JS Library.

2. Make Script 

In Blockchain, Cryptocurrency Scripts has the main roll on any work. We to do develop scripts and earn money. Like- Wordpress Script, Crypto exchange base script, Transaction work script.

3. Create a Blog 

One of the top free Bitcoin earning way is Blogging. I you have knowledge of HTML,CSS, Javascript. The first step to design a beautiful blog pick a Blogging platform. We always Suggested Google's free platform Blogger. If you have learned HTML,CSS, Javascript then design a different type crypto beautiful Blog and Publish article get traffic and earn by Crypto Advertising Website.


There are available many websites where you can learn about web development and HTML CSS. But, If you belong in India and wanted to learn in Hindi then we give some links where you can get information about full web development.
1.Learn Web Development in Hindi
2. Learn Web Development in Hindi: Part-2
3. Learn Web Development in Hindi: Part-3
4. Learn HTML in Hindi - Web Development: Part-4
5. Learn CSS in Hindi - Web Development: Part-5

How to Earn Bitcoin by Playing Games (Completely Guides)

In Bitcoin (Digital world) Games are most popular to earn Bitcoin Satoshi and It is possible to earn Some small amounts of Bitcoin By playing games. In bitcoin games, Number of sites are runned. But, There is different types Games and websites. In which some website are highly trusted and most popular bitcoin Game and some websites are very Inferior. There are also many games that are designed only to get website traffic So, In this article We share complete information of Bitcoin game.

Types of Bitcoin Game 

One of first, Faucet sites offers to earn free Bitcoin. But, If talking about this time So many types of bitcoin games are available in the market. Whose list is below.

1. Javascript Game 

Jackpot game is a lottery prize winner type of game. Prize winning depends on the bet. There is some risks. Like- If your bit is low then chances of loss. If your bit is high then you win. Jackpot increases bit in some day of your joining. Bitcoin jackpot provided some satoshi amount which plays put in Jackpot game and earn money.

2. Bitcoin Casino Game

Casino games are multiple gambling and money based games. Casino games offers a wide variety options for player to betting. Sport based betting, spread betting, Online lotteries. Most bitcoin casino sites zero transaction fees and unlimited transaction.
Bitcoin casino game require only E-mail address and username. No location check, No verification, No age, No Details verification. All bitcoin casino games are world wide.

3. Other Game

Other type game refer spin, street magic, House of doom, Blackjack, poker, Dice etc. Many web developer develop own ideas games. Which game pay some money of players. 

How do you start Bitcoin Game to Earn Money

One this point I want to talk you what is the requirement earn bitcoin through Bitcoin game? I order to earn money bitcoin games. You're going to need to have a bitcoin wallet. If you have a little help I would highly recommend check out my article.

1. Bitcoin Games Sign Up

What you need to sign up on bitcoin hame Don't require any personal details to sign up on any type bitcoin game.

  1. You need a Email Id
  2. You need a bitcoin wallet
  3. Make a username
  4. Setup a password to access dashboard

How much bitcoin can earn by playing games

It depends on variety of factors including:-
The time is one of the most important If you playing game highly you earn highly, Depends on your playing quality, Depends on bet. Games provide me some different ways to earn bitcoin Like- Refer Program, Loyalty Bonus. You can make minimum amount 100$ and maximum amount 1000$ 

Best Bitcoin Game 
There are few games to earn Bitcoin without deposit. Only Problem is most of these will earn a extremely amount of satoshi.

1. Freebitco

Freebitco is faucet website that pay every 1 hour small amount of Bitcoin called satoshi. The website give me Option of  jackpot game.

2. Duckdice 

Duckdice is one of the most popular online crypto currency dice game. In this Dice game, Player placing bet and there randomly generated number and winning Lottery. Duckdice give me free coin so that you can start playing. 


Top 4 Best Crypto Currency For 2019 In Hindi

                                      Welcome Our All Friends

यहाँ पे 2019 की अच्छी crypto Currency की जानकारी share की गयी है। जो सभी crypto currency ज्यादा पुरानी नहीं है। और market में बहुत अच्छी तरह से Perform कर रही है। और इन सभी crypto currency का फ्यूचर भी काफी अच्छा प्रतीत होता है।  यदि coinmarket में देखा जाये, तो बहुत सी crypto currency उपलब्ध है।। जिसमे कुछ Coin अच्छी है और कुछ coin बहुत ही ख़राब है जिनका कोई भी future नहीं है। यदि आप ऐसी coin में invest कर देते है। तो आपका काफी नुकसान हो सकता है। इसलिए आप किसी भी crypto currency में invest करने से पहले उसके बारे में जान ले।  यहाँ पे जो Crypto Coin बता रहा हूँ। वो सभी coin बहुत अच्छी coin है। कुछ समय में ही ये coin top rank पे आ चुकी है। यदि इन कॉइन में आप इन्वेस्ट करते है। तो आप अच्छी income कर सकते है। इनका future kaphi green लगता है। जिसके बारे में हम आपको यहाँ पे बतायेगे 

New Top 4 Crypto Currency

यहाँ पे मै जिन coin के बारे में जानकारी share कर रहा हूँ। इनमे से एक भी coin Networking Marketing की नहीं है। क्युकी यदि कुछ coin का chart देखा जाये। तो उनके जो Networking की कॉइन है। उनका price launch होने के बाद में तो बहुत अच्छा गया था। लेकिन वो सभी coin ज्यादा टाइम नहीं चल पायी। और वो जल्द ही Scam हो गयी। जैसे-- BitcoinCash, ATC Coin, LCC Coin आदि है। तो ऐसी मै कोई भी coin के बारे में नहीं बताऊंगा।

1. Ripple (XRP)

Ripple Coin 2017 में launch हुई थी। 2017 में इसकी growth 36000% रही थी। ये सबसे अच्छी Perform करने वाली crypto currency है। और 2018 में इसकी price low हो गयी। अभी इस coin की price काफी down चल रही है। ये 2019 में invest करने के लिए काफी अच्छी crypto currency है।

Ripple coin के most popular होने के कई reason है।

1. ये Blockchain Technology पे आधारित एक ऐसी Digital currency है। जिसका उपयोग Internation payment करने के लिए किया जाता है।
2. बहुत सारी Financial Institutions जैसे- American Express, JP morgan, और Santander Ripple Technology का उपयोग करती है।


ये  Crypto currency 2015 में Create की गयी थी। ये coin Internet of Things के लिए design की गयी थी। यदि इस Crypto currency की बात करे। तो ये सबसे अलग क्रिप्टो करेंसी है। 

1. ज्यादातर crypto currency blockchain technology को प्रयोग करती है। Lekin IOTA Coin Tangle protocol system का प्रयोग करती है।
2. इसकी transaction speed सबसे fast है।
 बहुत सारे investors analyser का कहना है। की IOTA coin 2019 में best perform करेगी। Iota Coin को Develop बड़ी बड़ी company ने patnerships में किया था। जैसे- Samsung, Cisco 

3.Bitcoin Cash

इसके बारे में तो आप जानते ही होंगे। Bitcoin cash Bitcoin Fork की क्रिप्टो करेंसी है। यदि इसके future की बात की जाये। तो ये बहुत अच्छी तरह से चलेगी। American crypto Currency Team Bitcoin cash पे ज्यादा focus कर रही है।


 EOS Coin EOSIO Network की native token है। जो की खुद का Decentralized operating system रखती है। ये Blockchain developers को Decentralized Application Build करने के लिए बहुत सारे Tools और services provide करती है। Social Blockchain Sharing content Steem web के founder Dan Larrimer के द्वारा ये Token develop की गयी है। तथा उनका Bitshares Decentralized peer to peer exchange भी है।
अभी EOS Coin का Hardfork भी होने वाला है। और भी बहुत 2019 के लिए अच्छी news आ रही है। ये coin 2019 में invest करने के लिए सबसे अच्छी coin हो सकती है।
I Hope  Yaha Pe Di Gayi jankari apko pasand aayi hogi. Yadi Aapko Inke bare me kuchh jyada information chahiye hai. To aap hame comment kar sakte hai.

                                 Thanks For Read This Article 

How To Earn Free by Blockchain development

Blockchain technology is decentralized that worked for digital currency. Like, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and there increasing price day by day. Digital  currency provided opportunity to earn online money.

  1. Crypto currency trading
  2.  Bitcoin Minning, 
  3.  Interest earn 
But, these work can't start without investment. If you want earn free bitcoin then in this time one of the best way is blockchain developing work. Blockchain developing learn more as the more earn money Now, Are you thinking that It will take us a log time to learn this and then that auspicious day will come when we will able to get some crypto currency. Really, If you are thinking then you are fully wrong.  
In starting, You will have to learn about Blockchain development for at least one month. If you already have any resources about blockchain or digital world. It would be good for you to work hard and learn at least one month. Because, there are no any way that you cam become a millionaire overnight. But, make patience and work hard and got success. So, after that you will keep moving towards success day by day. And blockchain is one such technology. Who learned and made an developing position. The, you can reach high which you will not even guess.

How to earn free Bitcoin by Blockchain developing

In this tutorial, We will cover all topics About Blockchain Developing.

  1. How to learn Blockchain Developing and Where Learn? 
  2. How to become a Blockchain Developer?
  3. How make money by Blockchain developing?
Indeed, Appears to me these topics are most important for you in starting.

How to learn Blockchain Developing?

Blockchain developing is no much different from web development. For learn blockchain, Should first Basic knowledge of blockchain work. like- How work digital wallet, Exchanger process, and then start learn programming C++, Java, javascript and python is most popular programming language uses in Blockchain technology. 
C++ Programming language used Blockchain software development and many blockchain work. But, for this you just need basic knowledge. Understand C++ code. Don't need much information.

Where start learn?

Now. You know what to learn for become a blockchain developer. In this topic, We will share information about Blockchain tutorials.
1. This tutorial is about C++ Blockchain. Here learn Step by step how to create Blockchain mining simulation.

2. in this tutorial, You will learn Ethereum Blockchain, Smart Contract development and learn how to create private blockchains.

3. One of the best article learn Blockchain Basic fundamental Blockchain Tutorial
Here You learn

  1. what is blockchain
  2. Blockchain system
  3. Features of Blockchain
  4. Distributor Ladger and P2P Network

How make money by blockchain 

There are some simple way Where can make money by develop Smart contract, Dapps, and simple task Bounties, Crowd sale launch a token.
1. The easiest way to make money is find work and get compensated in digital currency. So, You have learn some things of blockchain then, you go on Ethlace
It is a platform where connecting freelancer and developers. Its Database running completely on Ethereum  public Blockchain. 

Most popular Faucet that pay every hour

One of the most popular free bitcoin earning way is faucet website Where claim free crypto currency by simple fill captcha and click Get free amount. I Published lots of article about free bitcoin sites.

Each website is Trusted and high paying. 
Free Bitcoin Websites list 2019
But, In this article You find a lists of faucet websites each faucet pay every hour free amount.

Most popular faucet that pay every hour

We can say, materially All faucet is completely free and high quality faucet. What you know, Some faucet also pay instantly into micro btc wallet. Alright, Let,s Start.

Which is top always will be top. Like that freebitco faucet ranked in top high quality faucet. Freebitco endorsement registered user 18,841114 and total paid out 1,79553 Bitcoin. Win up to $200 Every Claim. However, Freebitco pay minimum amount 50 satoshi every hour. It depend on your luck.
There also offers Jackpot game, Lottery ticket, Refer commission system.
1.Refer commission pay 50% additional win lottery ticket.
2. Minimum withdraw 0.0003 btc


Freedoge faucet is sister site of freebitco faucet and All option is same. there you can earn dogecoin every hour. The faucet pay 0.2 -0.5 Dogecoin every hour claim.
Minimum Withdrawal 50 Dogecoin.
Refer commission 50% of all free claim.


Free-bcash especially designed to earn bitcoin cash. You can win more than 0.005 Bitcoin cash every hour. free-bcash give us several option whereby all user can earn easily $200 monthly.

  1. Claim free Every hour
  2. Multiple your amount
  3. Interest earning 
  4. Lottery ticket win
  5. Refer commission pay great and automatic add to your account
Here withdraw fee is 0.0005 btc. You can withdraw all fund. But, Your amount must fee greater than the transaction fee. No minimum withdrawal amount requirement.

Free-Dogecoin is new brand faucet that pay every hour 0.3 dogecoin get minimum withdraw 25 Dogecoin. There pay great refer commission 50% of all claim.


It faucet pay small amount of every hour and pay 50% refer commission. 

How to get started crypto currency work for millionaires

Crypto currency market is growing from all the time. However, Some time ago. Market crashed and went down. But, The market has returned again with full of light. At the end of the year 2019 Bitcoin and each top crypto currency will best performance. 
Most successfully trader and analyst said Bitcoin price will be going around $15000-$17000 for the end of 2020.

Get started crypto currency work

This time is good to enter crypto currency world and earn money. In this guide, I covered all of crypto currency related topic.

  1. Ways to earn money by crypto currency 
  2. Which is best Crypto currency work
  3. Where is invest 

I also guide to you, How to earn free bitcoin. So, You want to start crypto currency work. Then, read full article. Here's several ways to earn bitcoin. first you choose what want to start work.

Ways to earn crypto currency 

The very first thing is what you choose work and always kept in mind there are not any shortcut ways to earn money. All work is work. As such, There are many ways. But, here's lists of Top 4 crypto currency works.

1. Faucets or Surf Ads 

It is completely free and very simple work. Bitcoin faucet website is reward system type of websites which pay small amount of bitcoin by visit on faucet website like satoshi a very small amounts of bitcoin. There are several sites. where you can claim free bitcoin. Each faucet pay best amount of bitcoin. 
If, You comes into just crypto currency world and don't know about crypto currency works. 

Bitcoin Amount,


Bitcoin Transactions

How to send /receive bitcoin

The faucet system created for new people came in crypto currency and they know about crypto currency.
But, don't think that can't earn best amount of bitcoin by faucet.

2. Crypto Currency Trading
Crypto trade is great way and real key to succeed in the world of bitcoin. There buy coins down price and sell high price that is risky market. But, also is best profit. For a starter of crypto currency trading should minimum amount around 0.05 Btc.

3. Learn Blockchain Technology
If before, You already working in a developing industry or programming. Then, take a look in Blockchain technology. Now, Biggest growing demand is blockchain technology. If wants no investment dont't take any risk learn blockchain technology and get paid bitcoin.
Here can
Develop blockchain Web application
Work With Bitcoin freelancing websites.

4. Start A Crypto Blog 
Another easy to start way of earning is Blog. Create a crypto currency related blog where publish article about crypto, Blockchain. Monetize your blog with crypto ads.

Crypto currency work for millionaires

Are you interested work in crypto currency and want to earn biggest money. Then, I share my strategy which Fully able to help you for make millionaires. 

Earn some bitcoins by faucets

If you have no bitcoin amount. Then, Join some free Bitcoin faucet websites where can earn free Bitcoin.

First create a Bitcoin wallet account 

1. Go to
2.  Create Account
3. Open dashboard
There show you Send/Receive option

Click on receive button
Here you get wallet address which you receive bitcoin.
Now, You should know about faucet websites that you can earn free bitcoin.

Trusted free bitcoin website 

There are many websites and ways to earn free bitcoin. But, I will tell you here High paying and trusted faucet websites. Each website has many option of earn free bitcoin.

It is great website for earn free bitcoin. It website top rank in Bitcoin faucet website. There are several ways to earn free bitcoin. Like Faucet, Refer commission, Reward, Lottery Ticket, Jackpot.
You can claim 50-100 satoshi every 1 hour by faucet. 
Freebitco pay great refer commission 50%.  Minimum withdrawal 0.0003 btc. 

Here is Stats

I withdrawal total amount 0.0025 Btc. 
Present time My amount see Below screen shot.
Simple earn 0.01 Btc Monthly by freebitco.

2. Coinpot 

Coinpot is micro crypto currency wallet that accepted instant payment from 7 faucet. All user can earn free crypto currency easily by coinpot. 
Read here about coinpot 


Adbtc is surf ads website. Simple view website get paid up to 150 satoshi each viewing website. there are several option earn free bitcoin Like- Surf Ads, Auto surfing, Active window surfing, Refer Commission, Referral sell & Buy.
Ads click is best way to earn free bitcoin. The site offers 50+ Ad per day Also you can earn by auto surf click only one time on auto surf there ads running automatic and get paid.

Refer commission is great way to earn best amount by faucet website. The site pay 10% refer commission.
Here's referral market option which you can buy and sell referral.
Minimum withdrawal 6000 satoshi to faucethub account.

My earning by adbtc

Present time balance

Free Bitcoin wants more Then Click Here 
Also Read
Earn 100 Dogecoin Daily Without Investment

Crypto Currency Trading 

Crypto trading is crypto currency exchange business. You can buy and sell Bitcoin, ethereum and other altcoin. This idea is very best to earn bitcoin. But, here without coin analysis not make  successfully trader. So, Learn Coin analysis get success. 
If you have now some Bitcoin amount then you can start crypto trading for earn best amount of Bitcoin. 
Crypto currency market check on coinmarketcap
So, Now you should know about crypto currency exchanger where you can trade.


Binance is most popular crypto currency exchanger. Binance offer 2 Crypto currency trading option like-Basic and Advanced.
You can start trade on binance.

Good Luck

How to earn free from yobit exchanger

Crypto currency trading is top crypto earning way. But, It is risky way there people invests money then they got loss. So, some people wants to earn money without investment from crypto currency also many user have no money but, they wants to start crypto currency trading or play exchanges crypto currency in other crypto currency. So, Really today all our viewers Know how to earn without investment from crypto currency exchanger named yobit.

What is Yobit

Yobit is russian crypto currency exchanger that is online since 2015. Yobit is Global crypto currency exchange which allow to user buy and sell Crypto currency. There are Hundreds of altcoin. 

How to earn from yobit Exchanger

There is a function new added Freecoins Which claim free coins Every day, hour, Minute.

In Yobit, You can claim free Daily 0.01 Etc Worth of 0.000013 Btc and there are several crypto currency those can claim every hours. 
So, Get free coins daily when coin worth of 0.0001 btc or 0.1 etc. You can exchange another currency. 

How to start trade on yobit 

If interested, in crypto currency trading. Then, User can deposit btc or another crypto currency. The good news is that if you have no money then clam free coins Daily 15 days then you receive free coins worth you would like to get started trading in yobit.

  1. Go to Yobit Click Here
  2. Create Account 
  3. Now you can click Free coins and simply fill captcha then click get free coins.

Thanks To Read The Article 

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